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Broken instruments in iPad ad, now Apple apologizes


Apple CEO Tim Cook himself shared the commercial for the new iPad Pro, to which many artists reacted strongly. Photo: Duong Van Giang/VNA/AP/NTB

Of NTB | 10.05.2024 16:14:53

Science and technology: Apple CEO Tim Cook shared itself the ad in social media, where a record player and a metronome also went viral. Everything was crushed in an industrial press, writes Sky News.

The idea was to show how much the new iPad, which is the thinnest ever, can be used for. A cheerful song followed, with lyrics such as “all I need is you”. But now Apple’s vice president Tor Myhren is crawling to the cross and admits that the ad was “wrong”.

– We apologize, reads a press statement from Apple.

Too creative souls reacted negatively to the ad. Hugh Grant said it “shows the destruction of the human experience, greetings Silicon Valley”.

Songwriter Crispin Hunt, who has worked with Jake Bugg, Florence & The Machine, Lana Del Ray, Ellie Goulding and Red Stewart, among others, called Apple’s commercial “surprisingly tone-deaf”. Adam Singer in Adquick believes it inadvertently became “a perfect metaphor for today’s creative dark times”.

– Compress organic instruments, joyous but imperfect machines, tangible art, our entire physical reality into a soulless, postmodern entity that a multi-trillion corporation controls what you do with it, Singer wrote on X.

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