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Cachete Sierra said goodbye to her dog Panza with a painful message


Agustín “Cachete” Sierra He shared with his followers the difficult moment he is going through after his dog died and faithful friend.

After sharing a series of photos of his pet from childhood until his last days, the actor was torn: “Today unfortunately I had to say goodbye to Panza. I just want to thank life for your company and infinite sweetness. “You never stopped asking for a caress and wherever there was a fire or barbecue, you were there, standing firm with the people.”

“The famous crested dog who used the pool 365 days a year, regardless of whether it was rotten or whether it was 2 degrees below zero”he remembered lovingly.

Cachete Sierra said goodbye to her dog
Cachete Sierra said goodbye to her dog

And he concluded by showing his pain: “Thank you for so much good love, you were the most beloved Panza. “You are going to be missed a lot here.”

Mirtha Legrand’s discomfort due to a comment by Cachete Sierra

Agustín “Cachete” Sierra made an eschatological comment in full air and made Mirtha Legrand uncomfortable.

The diva asked the actor in Having lunch with Juana – Mirtha Special (El Trece) for his sentimental present, and he gave an unexpected response that ended up making the host blush.

Do you currently have a partner?“, He wanted to know Mirtha. “Not now. I have my dog, Marta, who is a faithful companion“, be sincere Sierra cheek. “Did you bring it?” the driver asked him.

“No, I left her at home. Because also he farts loudly… I have to say, we are going to whitewash it here. He lets out some silent flatulence and suddenly you say ‘oops, Marta’. I couldn’t educate her for that, that’s why I didn’t bring her.“, the actor shot without a filter.

Noticeably uncomfortable, Mirtha Legrand He stated: “Horrible, horrible what he said. Enough, enough. I don’t know if I’m not going to cut this. Awful“.


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