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Cami Homs and her enigmatic post after the song that Tini dedicated to her on her new album


Cami Homs shared from his official Instagram account a photo spending free time with his children from the United States, and in the photo they are seen eating some snacks. What caught the attention was that she published it on the same day that TYonor did he release his album “Un mechón de pelo”and in his song “Not even about you” speaks word for word about the model.

What is striking in the photo is that in the song Stoessel is that he names his children in the background, and Cami He decides to confront him with photos of his children showing that nothing and no one is going to change the love he feels for them.

Cami Homs' post
Cami Homs’ post (screenshot @camihoms)

But love on the networks is the order of the day, and in his latest publication, Cami Homs He received a lot of support from his followers. It is at that point that she is valued not only as a woman, but also as a mother.

“While some explain the inexplicable, others enjoy and take care of the most beautiful thing in the world, their children”, “What you have been through, woman, I wouldn’t want to be in your place… But everything falls into place and now you are more radiant than ever!” never!”, “They made you suffer, but life gave you that joy back, enjoy queen, the vipers bite themselves”, were some of the comments that Cami Homs received on her publication.

What does Tini’s song for Cami Homs say “Nada de Ti”?

They say I stole

That a family I broke

They say so much shit, don’t talk to me

Neither of you nor of you nor of you nor of you

They say I hide to take a pill

That’s why I’m skinny, don’t talk about me

Neither of you nor of you nor of you nor of you

My grandmother almost believed it too

“Don’t take the notes, because I know what it is, everything is made up, everything… lies.”

He who is without sin throws the first

For every one who hates me I have 10 who love me

I know it by memory

There is no shit that hurts me

I stayed silent so that the children wouldn’t hurt

Hurt whoever hurts

I’m still here, I’m still in first place

Hurt whoever hurts

Here without finishing school

I didn’t steal from anyone

I do have proof

But I keep moving forward like my grandmother said

“You are always going to have to fight with that Martina, that success, it hurts someone a lot”

Well I got quite excited

But… but I’m sorry for puncturing your balloon, I don’t take drugs (I don’t take drugs) After many years of being silent

It makes me very sad to have to clarify who I am and what I do with my life.

Falling into the manipulation of certain people who are fed with absurd lies, giving their opinion about my life with total impunity, is an act of brutal insensitivity.

It is deplorable to see how there are people who, through a media or a social network, are capable of expressing themselves in the cruelest way possible, deceiving, defaming with the sole intention of hurting them to the deepest depths they can.

And to all those who continue to believe or feed these lies, I wish with all my heart that you find something more productive to do with your empty lives.

But what really caught the attention was that in a part of the stanzas he mentions the children: “so that the children do not hurt”, referring to Francesca and Bautista, the children he had with the soccer player. Yanina Latorre recognized in LAM (America Tv) that has evidence that the young woman talks about, and that could soon come to light. The messages would say something like “whore and violent”, which would make Homs look bad.

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