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Camila Deniz threatened to leave Cuestión de Peso: “I was crying in the shower before coming”


Camila Deniz threatened to leave Matter of Weight (El Trece) after we endured the weight loss treatment, and confessed it to Mario Massaccesi that later in the middle of the program she stated that she is sorry and that she plans to continue with her treatment.

“Camila dropped a bomb on us, because she hadn’t talked to anyone about it. After everything we experienced and heard, from this morning’s thought that you shared… What did you say?the host of the program began.

“I want to throw in the towel.”“, answered Camila to the question of Mario. And the driver added: “Do I want or did you want?” “Wanted to”acknowledged the sister of Thiago Medina.

“See Jenni’s story. And it’s just the same as me.” The participant acknowledged sympathizing with her partner, and implying that she was going to continue in the program.

“What did the ‘little devil Camilota’ say to you this morning? Because you saw that Jenni said that we all have a little devil”Mario wanted to know.. “Today, honestly, I arrived almost crying. “She (Victoria) was the first one who listened to me.”

Then, the driver wanted to continue investigating what he told him. Camila Deniz to his partner Vickyand he answered: “That I wanted to leave everything, that I wanted to abandon. That she was already tired, that she couldn’t take it anymore, that she couldn’t take it anymore. And I told her no, don’t let her do it crazy, don’t throw in the towel, let her hold on. That this was a unique opportunity, one that she cannot miss. And that he is doing it for her mainly.”

Is Camila Deniz in love?

Camila Denizthe sister of Thiago Medinais competing within the program Matter of weight (El Trece) looking for a change in his life. However, What he least believed was that he was going to fall in love.

On his visit to CDP’s after (Republic Z), they asked him if he liked any of his classmates: “I’m not going to deny it, there is someone whose good vibes, his pretty face… when he looks at me, he smiles and his eyes shine”.

“Do you say that a love story can be born?” the driver retorted. But the participant wanted to downplay it: “Not history but There is one that makes me feel butterflies. I feel like I see it and something comes to me.”

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