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Camila Deniz would have found love in Cuestión de Peso: “It makes me feel butterflies”


Camila Denizthe sister of Thiago Medinais competing within the program Matter of weight (El Trece) looking for a change in his life. However, What he least believed was that he was going to fall in love.

On his visit to CDP’s after (Republic Z), they asked him if he liked any of his classmates: “I’m not going to deny it, there is someone whose good vibes, his pretty face… when he looks at me, he smiles and his eyes shine”.

“Do you say that a love story can be born?” the driver retorted. But the participant wanted to downplay it: “Not history but There is one that makes me feel butterflies. I feel like I see it and something comes to me.”

Who is Camila Deniz

The influencer entered the program hosted by Mario Massaccesi and he said in his presentation: “I am from La Matanza, I am 29 years old, and I want to enter so I can go down a little further and be in the eyes of others. Three weeks ago I went to a bowling alley and a guy called me ‘Barney’, so I grabbed my things and left. There I said I want help and get ahead“.

In my childhood they called me fat, ugly, you will never amount to anything. I like my nickname, Camilita… Today I have the opportunity to work with social networks. My mother died 12 years ago from cardiac arrest. I still haven’t gotten over it, it was a very strong blow in my life. There I started eating out of anxiety“, he revealed about his story.

“But at the same time I am afraid of being skinny and ugly. Because I love myself as I am, chubby and pretty, I got used to it, but I know that if there is another one to turn the page on, I would leave it,” she concluded. Camila Deniz.

Then, the young woman entered the studio and reiterated her desire to improve her quality of life to do what she likes, like dancing and wearing the clothes she would like: “I want a change for my life“.


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