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Camila Homs’ father shared a lethal post against Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul: “My daughter was deceived and mistreated”


Horacio Homs He came out to defend his daughter after the post of Rodrigo De Paul benching Tini Stoesseland it was lethal.

The artist released a song called “Ni de ti”, where she talks about her relationship with the soccer player and, given this, her father Camila Homs He came out with his caps on to give his version of the events.

Through an extensive download on Instagram, Horacio Homs He stated: “My admiration for my daughter Camila is because even though she was deceived and mistreated for so many years, her children were always the priority.“, not only respecting them, but also taking care of them, pampering them and being present every day of their life, not every 6 months, the priority was always them and not their partner.”

Disclaimer Horacio Homs
The explosive post by Camila Homs’ father

“Tomorrow they will be proud of their mother and their family since they were the ones who were there in the most difficult moments, always working hard, but really working. I could say so many more things about those who permanently want to appear next to figures international but it’s better to stay like this, it makes me feel sorry for him,” he continued.

In another part of his writing, Homs spoke about José Sosa, Camila’s current partner, and compared him to De Paul: “Thank you José for bringing Cami forward, for taking care of my grandchildren like a true father, for having the balls that you have to always talk to me face to face, not like others who don’t dare, they are afraid that I will throw more garbage under the rug“.

“Thank you Cami for taking care of me and mainly my grandchildren in the face of so many injustices, I admire that you can make one of the most respected and loved people in the media in your beloved profession, even though your path is still short. Life is wise, that’s why everyone gets what they deserve. Don’t allow them to continue mistreating you every time your cell phone rings. I love you forever! Happy life! Long live love! Ah, to get laid there is no pandemic or concentrations worth it“, he concluded explosively.

What Rodrigo De Paul said about Tini Stoessel

Rodrigo de Paul He came out in defense of his ex-partner Tini Stoessel in its official Instagram account, and shot at Cami Homs. The Atlético Madrid player I wish a lot of support to his family and his ex for the moment they are going through.

The post would refer to the song “Not even about you” where he involves his ex-wife –Cami Homs– and their children. Surrounding the scandalous separation, Tini and De Paul They decided to remain silent while Homs He was responsible for making himself look bad publicly.

Rodrigo de Paul benched Tini

“My admiration for Tini and my entire family is because they always put my children as a priority, respecting them and not being part of a circus.”, the posting began. And he added: “Tomorrow they will be proud of how their dad and his people achieve things with a lot of work without stepping on anyone’s head.”

And continued: “I could say so many things about those who come out to talk and bring to light so much dirt that is under the carpet, but that’s not me.”

For its part, Rodrigo he noted: “Thank you three times because you always took care of them in the face of so many injustices, because they adore you. I admire that you can make art of the path you have traveled… life is very wise and will put everyone in their place.”

Lastly, and with respect to Cami Homs about his fight with Tini Stoessel, Rodrigo de Paul finished the post: “Oh, and when Bauti was pregnant, I was locked up in Italy because there was a pandemic and from there to the Ezeiza site, 50 days to win the Copa América.”

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