Camila Mayan was robbed by a colleague from Luzu TV

Camila Mayan was robbed by a colleague from Luzu TV

Camila Mayan was robbed by a colleague from Luzu TV

Camila Mayan suffered a robbery by one of his colleagues in Luzu TV and rebuked him in full force Homeland and familya program of which he is a part.

After Alexis Mac Allister’s ex-partner forgot some glasses in the studio, one of the producers consulted her colleagues and the panel of other programs to find out if they had seen them. However, in all cases, the answer was negative.

Because they still did not appear, they decided to go to the cameras. At that time they discovered that the driver of Among us, Mateo Guasconihad found the glasses and put them in his backpack. For that reason, the influencer called him to tell him: “I think we are in an environment of trust that if I leave my cell phone today and leave, I know I will come back and it has to be there because I think we all know each other here.”

“Cami is really angry,” Fede Popgold warned his colleague. “I’m seriously angry,” Mayan said. So, she began to explain: “I’m going to be completely honest with you, I thought they were party favors”.

He quickly noticed inconsistencies in his story: “But, sorry. You thought they were glasses that you considered, I quote yourself, that were very cool and that you wanted to use them for the weekend, that you said one weekend and I’ll return them, and you thought that those glasses that seemed so cool to you that did you want to use for the party they were going to be party favors? “It doesn’t make sense, either they’re party-goers or they’re party favors.”

“Flor’s message didn’t arrive anyway, come here, it’s partly your fault too,” she apologized to the producer. Then, the young woman entered the studio and revealed: “If I asked you and you told me you hadn’t seen them, I swear. The show ended and I said, ‘Guys, did you see Cami Mayan’s glasses that she forgot here?’ And I started looking around and no one had seen them.”.

“Bye, I’m not talking to you anymore, I’m not talking to Mateo anymore. This is too much. Tomorrow the glasses here“, Camila Mayan took Mateo Guasconi out of the studio.

Tension in Olga: they simulated a robbery and the police appeared

Gimena Accardi He proposed simulating a robbery in the open air Olga and, even though it was a joke, the police showed up and tension arose.

The actress is part of the program When Eric met Milton and together with his companions they planned to carry out a robbery on a public street, on the corner of Humboldt and Cabrera.

We stopped a robbery. Who is there to act as a thief and steal?“Accardi asked the people who were outside the studio listening to the program.

Towards the end of the programme, two young men carried out the scene as planned and several police officers immediately appeared to stop the situation.No, guys! No! Oops, the policeman!“said Gimena.

“The cana thought it was a post, a barbaric quilombo broke out,” said one of the members of the streaming cycle. Seeing that the police did not believe people that it was a joke, the actress went out into the street with the microphone to clarify what happened: “Good afternoon… we were making a scene. We apologize, sorry. She went wrong“.

It was a joke that went wrong. Today’s program is impressive. The police, thieves… This is where we are, in Buenos Aires, doing everything possible to be the best show of your life,” she concluded, amused. Gimena Accardi.


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