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campaign summary of May 24 of the 4 candidates for Governor

$!Coahuila 2023 Elections: May 24 campaign summary of the 4 candidates for Governor


The candidate for governor of Morena, Armando Guadianamade one more commitment in the last stage of the campaigns, now it was with education, by signing the “Pact for the Educational Impulse” at the headquarters of the Civic Council of AC Institutions.

“We see what the Japanese are doing, for example, they are learning three four languages, physics and mathematics and ethics, we have to work hard to provide greater opportunities for our girls and boys, and bring together people who are truly interested in education. quality and level improvement from basic education”he said in his speech.

In this signing of commitments, in addition to Morena legislators, also members of the Civic Council of Coahuila Institutions and founding members of the educational alliance: Beatriz Arizpe, Sara Arizpe, Pastor López and Fabio Gentiloni.

The Pact signed by Guadiana is projected until 2030 with commitments in quality and continuous improvement of education, for which he said Armando Guadiana who is clear that to begin the transformation an adequate profile is needed, with experience and with a transformative vision.

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$!Coahuila 2023 Elections: May 24 campaign summary of the 4 candidates for Governor


During the visit of the national leader of the PT, Alberto Anayato participate in the campaign of his candidate for governor, Ricardo Mejiaan exhortation was made to the candidate of Morena, Armando Guadiana, to decline in favor of the PT, this in response to the leader of Morena, Mario Delgado, who also asked the PT to decline in favor of Morena.

According to Anaya, at a press conference in the Coahuila capital, Guadiana has a responsibility in the Senate of the Republic (he is currently a licensed senator) and there he must continue.

Mejía explained that an alliance is between peers, not in conditions of submission and urged the Morena leadership to release the partisan bases so that they decide for the best, as has already happened with the disbandment of Morena advisers and structure. that adhered to the “Tiger” throughout the state.

In addition, the PT insisted that the ballots for the election on June 4 be guarded by the National Guard from the time they leave the polling place until the end of the electoral process. with the declaration of validity of the governor of the state to whoever is the winner.

$!Coahuila 2023 Elections: May 24 campaign summary of the 4 candidates for Governor


In mass gatherings in La Laguna, Manolo Jimenez Salinas He recalled that each vote he receives on June 4 will be a vote for everyone’s safety; the gubernatorial candidate he was with Peñoles workers, businessmen and also supporters.

“We have worked tirelessly so that security, peace and prosperity reign in Coahuila; We have built and achieved these conditions together and we have to defend them on June 4.”said the candidate of the Citizens’ Alliance for Security.

In addition, Jiménez Salinas pointed out that “It is important to consolidate our democracy and our alliance. Every vote counts, and every vote for the citizen alliance is a vote for the security of every Coahuilense.”.

Manolo recalled that one of his main commitments with the population is to keep Coahuila armored with actions of prevention, proximity, intelligence and force; as well as a great program of popular health, reinforcement of social programs and opportunities for young people and women.

$!Coahuila 2023 Elections: May 24 campaign summary of the 4 candidates for Governor


The candidate of the UDC-Verde alliance for the governorship of Coahuila, Lenin Perez Riverapresided over an assembly of the orange party in which he was accompanied by the candidates for the deputations that correspond to the four districts of Saltillo.

In front of hundreds of militants and supporters, Lenin pointed out that he has a firm commitment to move Coahuila forward and the only alternative for this is alternation, for which reason he made a call to vote for the UDC-Green alliance on June 4.

“In Saltillo we reaffirm our commitment to get our state out of the hole it is in thanks to bad governments. Family, there is hope because we can live better. Let’s vote boldly this June 4th for UDC!”Perez Rivera said.

During the day, Lenin also He attended interviews with different media.

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