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– Can call him a party brake


Amalie Iuel rests on the shoulder of trainer Leif Olav Alnes before the press conference in Rome. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

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Sport: Iuel became a mother for the first time in September. Since then, she has been working her way back towards the summer which includes both the EC and the Olympics in Paris. So far, she has not met the requirement for the latter championship.

But she has hurried slowly, she said at the press conference during the athletics European Championships in Rome on Saturday. Coach Alnes has been an important piece in that phase of the build-up.

– Now we have managed to do the right things to avoid a relapse, and I have had a very, very good team around me. Perhaps the most important are those who have kept me a little longer, such as Leif Olav and the national team doctor. It is very easy to rush to get it done because you have little time, but here it is extra important to think that you actually have to hold back a bit to avoid relapse, said Iuel.

– Leif Olav has been completely extreme there. You could call him a party brake, but I know it’s well-intentioned and comes from a good place since he doesn’t want me to get hurt. I am very happy with the progression on the way back. It’s fun to see that the female body is capable of that, she continued.

Iuel will be in action will be in action in the 1st round of the 400 meter hurdles on Sunday. The semi-finals take place on Monday, while the final is on Tuesday.

– The easiest thing would have been to run fast and take the time limit, but you have to have a backup plan in case it doesn’t work. Then you had to start the season early and compete a lot. I have gained a lot of extra ranking points. If I get one more run now, I’ll be well into the stats. One can only hope that ten or twelve others don’t come and race past me, said Iuel.

Iuel further says that she has not quite found the speed she wants in the starting phase of the races.

– I may have been a little annoyed with myself, because I would have liked to have had a little more speed early in the race. We have struggled a bit to find the speed again after the pregnancy, and then we have had to compensate with our endurance and ability to stay. We have to see if I can open a little faster, she said.

Iuel added that it has meant a lot to have that support from the coach, even if he has stood in the way at times.

So far she has not met the requirement for the Olympics, but she can also enter the rankings. She has taken part in several races so far this season in the pursuit of an Olympic place and good form.

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