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Cande Ruggeri revealed the truth about the alleged marriage with Nicolás Maccari: “It has to do with our dream”


Cande Ruggeri and Nicolas Maccari They revolutionized the network with a post where they supposedly announced their marriage; However, she finally denied it and revealed the truth.

“I finally received the proposal I had been waiting for the most”the model had written on her Instagram account along with a photo with her partner and where she was wearing a ring.

Cande Ruggeri is getting married

What Cande Ruggeri said about her marriage

Despite the joy of fans online, Cande Ruggeri revealed that his publication was only an advertising campaign and that, for now, he is not going to marry Nicolas Maccari.

What I have to tell you is that, for now, I am not getting married. But I do have to tell you that what they proposed to me It has to do with my dream, which is to get married, and Nico’s, which is to go to the Champions League final in London.. What is the craziest thing you would do for the love of football? Listen to this, because Heineken challenges you that if you get married, it will take you on your honeymoon to the Champions League final in London,” the famous woman explained through a video on her social networks.

“First, don’t hate me. Second, thank you for all the beautiful messages you sent us. They sent me to party halls, dresses… the wedding was organized from one day to the next. But I thought this was something nice for all of you, so that you can get married and go to the Champions League final, I thought the proposal was good, that’s why we did it.“he added Cande Ruggeri.

Did Yanina Latorre separate from Diego?

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that celebrities resort to this method of deceiving their followers to advertise. In February, Yanina Latorre sparked rumors of separation from Diego Latorre following a message he shared online; however, later He denied it and revealed that it was an advertisement.

“I want to tell you that with Diego we are needing some air. End of statement”wrote the panelist LAM (America TV) through your Instagram account and with a broken heart emoji.

While many Internet users began to spread the rumor about a possible breakup with the former soccer player, others took it as a joke and made reference to an advertising agreement for air conditioners due to the summer season.

Finally, the panelist from LAM (America TV) put an end to the mystery and revealed: “They believed it, love. We are more together than ever, @philco.arg gave us the air we needed and now we just have to enjoy it“.

At the same time, Yanina Latorre She shared a video on her Instagram account where she is seen with her husband, and expressed to continue advertising the product: “I have good news. Here we are with Diego at home, they were difficult days, but Philco finally gave us the air we needed. As everyone fell, we did not separate, we are closer than ever“.

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