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Cande Tinelli published a message against Tini Stoessel, but regretted it and deleted it: “She is stronger than me”


Candelaria Tinelli went out to the crossroads Tini Stoessel after becoming aware of the song in which he destroys his father, Marcelo Tinelli. The young woman targeted the singer but she later regretted it, deleted the message and posted another one.

What Cande Tinelli said about Tini Stoessel

“I feel like they are waiting for me to speak,” began Tinelli’s daughter and wife of Coti Sorokin. In the following story, she launched: “But I no longer profit from the intimacy and dramas of my life.” It was precisely this last comment that she decided to delete, although Internet users captured it and made it viral on the Internet.

Cande Tinelli vs. Tini Stoessel
Cande Tinelli vs. Tini Stoessel

Minutes later, Cande expressed: “And speaking from the heart, I love and respect that person and I would never do or say anything that could hurt them. Neither to her nor to her family. I’m getting along well. It only makes me sad and distressed that things are told wrong. Anyway”.

And he added: “I’m sorry if I said things when I was angry, defending my family tooth and nail, but he is stronger than me. I swear that they can say atrocious things about me like they have always said, and I even literally laugh. But wow, how difficult it is for my family. Anyway. Good night everyone,” concluded the youngest daughter of Marcelo Tinelli and Soldad Aquino.

Cande Tinelli vs. Tini Stoessel
Cande Tinelli vs. Tini Stoessel

What Tini Stoessel’s song says for Marcelo Tinelli

“(…) 2008, December, was a Friday. Eyes that do not see, betrayal that you do not feel. Judas gave the kiss, how do you deny it? How does he forgive himself? How do you regret it? If they were brothers and goodbye forever. If he gave him his hand and the other gave him his teeth, they turned their backs to him and he always faced them. They thanked him, they pushed him off the bridge“, sings the artist as a reminder of what happened between Alejandro and Marcelo.

“I already understand well what happened. Dad left and it was never his fault. The wound was tattooed on his skin. Everyone heard the lie, no one ever heard the truth. That’s why I need to shout it to all of Buenos Aires. Let time take care of it, and destiny was in charge of painting me violet. Battles that we do not choose and must be faced, that is what loving each other is all about, but It also hurt me and to say it, it’s not too late.“he continued.

Then, Tini Stoessel dedicated an explosive recited part that confirmed that the song is aimed at Marcelo Tinelli: “The truth is that they didn’t even want to hire me because I was his daughter. But divine justice exists. If you knew how many times they called me to open their show, sing, smile, and act as if nothing had happened. But thanks to that I learned what I don’t want to be in this life.”

What happened between Alejandro Stoessel and Marcelo Tinelli

In November 2015, the 1st Chamber of the Federal Civil and Commercial Chamber ruled in favor of Marcelo Tinelli in a trial initiated in 2009 by Alejandro Stoesselformer Artistic Director of Ideas del Sur, where he claimed the rights to “Ugly Duckling”, in addition to intellectual property, damages and losses.

In 2009, the producer and father of Martina “Tini” Stoessel, Alejandro Stoesselhe demanded from his former friend and Ideas del Sur “the partial vindication of Patito feo’s trademark registrations and/or applications.”

Marcelo Tinelli, Alejandro Stoessel and Marcela Citterio
Marcelo Tinelli, Alejandro Stoessel and Marcela Citterio, author of Patito Feo

In addition, he sued Tinelli for intellectual property, damages and publication of the successful youth series that aired between 2007 and 2008.

In March 2015, the first instance resolution had been favorable to the Showmatch host, but Stoessel appealed the measure. Finally, the Chamber decided to reject the trial and determined that Stoessel must pay the costs of a trial that was worth millions.

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