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Candela Ventrano is pregnant: she is expecting her first child with Andrés Gil


Angel de Brito revealed in THE M (America) that Candela Vetrano she is pregnant. The actress is expecting her first child with the actor Andrew Gil.

Who is Candela Vetrano’s boyfriend

Angel de Brito began broadcasting THE M announcing a new pregnancy in the middle. After some clues, the name of Candela Vetrano It came up immediately. With the permission of the 32-year-old actress, Ángel de Brito said that Vetrano is expecting her first child with Andrés Gil, with whom she is in a relationship. since 2015.

The actress is just over three months pregnant.

Candela Vetrano and Andres Gil
Candela Vetrano and Andres Gil

Cande Vetrano and Andrés Gil They are one of the most beloved couples in the media and that extends to social networks, where both have shared moments together almost four years ago, with a beautiful love story that began from a distance, currently they live together and plan for the future together.

In 2020, Vetrano shared a post on his Instagram account along with some photos taken four years earlier. Along with the publication, the actress had declared: “I confess that I loved you from the first moment I saw you. There is no better quarantine and life companion. We are a few meters away and you don’t know I’m writing this. Now I finish writing and I’m going to give you a nice kiss, like you.” Cande wrote.

Andrés, for his part, like Vetrano, always shares loving messages. On one occasion, on Candela’s birthday in 2019, the actor said: “I want to continue taking photos of you for the rest of my life.”

These messages continue today, and the couple’s fans and followers are fascinated when that happens. As soon as the news of the pregnancy broke, the networks were filled with messages of good wishes for them.

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