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Cannes-acclaimed Trump film still without a US distributor


Jeremy Strong as the sneaky lawyer Roy Cohn and Sebastian Stan as the young Donald Trump in “The Apprentice”. Photo: Cannes Festival / Handout / NTB

Of NTB | 04.06.2024 09:43:21

Policy: – Is Hollywood too afraid to show it?, asks the industry magazine Variety in a notice.

According to the magazine’s sources, there are interested buyers, but not among the major distributors. They are reportedly worried about falling out of favor with the Republican presidential candidate.

It must be a matter of both fear of what Trump can do in return if he is elected, as well as of alienating a large proportion of the American population.

When “The Apprentice” was screened at the film festival, Trump’s communications chief Steven Cheung told AFP that Trump intended to sue because of “the patently false claims of these so-called filmmakers.” His lawyers are said to have also sent the filmmakers a so-called termination letter to stop “The Apprentice” in the US.

– It’s a shame if the film doesn’t get to meet a large audience, says Kristina Börjeson at co-producer Film i Väst.

Variety also cites the team behind “The Apprentice,” who unofficially believe that the difficulty of getting a distribution deal has similarities to censorship.

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