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Carla De Stefano suspects that the relationship between Florencia and Damián from Big Brother is a lie


Carla De Stefano harshly attacked Florencia Cabrera and Damián César Moya after they have confirmed their relationship in Big Brother (Telefe). This is because the former participant considers it a fallacy.

La Chula was present on Martín Cirio’s stream where they reacted to the kiss between the former brothers in his return to the house. However, she asked that you please change the subject: “There is no need to talk because it is not worth it. This whole fable is created so that we can talk”.

“I know what I didn’t see, the few times I have met them they were each in their own world. They are nothing. That is so that people talk about Florence, otherwise they don’t talk about it. And it seems that he needs the same thing, so she hooked him up“, he said, referring to the fact that they invented a romance so that the media could talk about them.

How was the entrance of the former participants to Big Brother?

This Tuesday, June 4, the former participants entered the house of Big Brother (Telefe), and it was different from the gala on June 3 since everyone started shouting: there were insults, encouragement, and support for the little brothers who are still in the game. Furthermore, they learned of the confirmation that Alan Simone is in a couple with Sabrina Cortez, and Damián César Moya is in a couple with Florencia Cabrera.

Those who entered on this occasion were: Coty Romero, Catalina Gorostidi, Florencia Regidor, Damián Moya, Paloma Méndez, Sabrina Cortéz, Alan Simone, Florencia Cabrera, Joel Ojeda, Williams López and Rosina Beltrán.

However, the focus of attention was Juliana Furia Scaglione since she destroyed Joel Ojeda and Catalina Gorostidi, among others, with cataracts of insults. For their part, the couple supported Sabrina with Alan and he noticed details that to the outside are more than clear.

At one point, the former participants gathered at the door of the SUM and began shouting at each other with the competitors. It was there where Damian confirmed his relationship with Cabrera as well as, the massive peak between Coty, Rosina, Sabrina, Flor Regidor, and Catalina.


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