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Carlos Perciavalle and Jimmy Castilhos spoke about the abuse complaint against them: “It is an absolute invention”


Carlos Perciavalle and Jimmy Castilhos They spoke about the abuse complaint against them and they denied the events narrated by an 18-year-old Uruguayan young man.

The actors gave a motive for In the afternoon (América TV) and although they acknowledged knowing the complainant, they denied having abused him and explained what their relationship was.

It is an absolute invention. Nobody called me to confirm news like that before releasing it. Everyone knows what I am,” Perciavalle complained. Castilhos, for his part, took the microphone and explained: “We met Tadeo, he worked in our house. He offered us to go to the opening of a sushi house where he worked. We went and from that moment he said that he was going to get us a sponsor for our wedding.”

“He got us free sushi and told us he wanted to work for us. From that day on, Not only did that person not take care of anything about our wedding, but he kept all my contacts.among them, a well-known cafe and asked him for money, approximately 600 dollars, to participate as a sponsor of our wedding,” he added.

That person is a sad young scammer, who also rented an apartment where he had three Argentine boys without passports working. Until we contacted the owner and Tadeo was expelled. A trial is going to take place, we are innocent and everyone knows it“he declared.

What happened to Carlos Perciavalle and Jimmy Castilhos

Carlos Perciavalle and her husband, Jimmy Castilhoswere denounced for abuse and deprivation of liberty.

“It is a complaint that was presented in the last hours in the Justice of the City of Buenos Aires. He is a young Uruguayan who denounces Carlos Perciavalle and his partner of sexual abuse. It is not an investigation, it is a complaint. The crime was committed in Buenos Aires, even though this person lives in Uruguay and Perciavalle as well,” Martín Candalaft explained on DDM (América TV).

Then, the journalist read texts from the complainant, an 18-year-old young man, who told the court: “On March 18, 2024, I went to a work meeting with those accused here, with whom I had an employment relationship in a dependency relationship.“.

Once the work meeting was over, these people invited me to share leisure time with the two of them, heading in their vehicle towards the west of the province of Buenos Aires, in the town of Morón.“he added.

“During the trip, Jimmy Castilhos, who was driving the vehicle, verbally stated that he had a contact in the mediations of the city of Morón, who would provide him with marijuana. In the rear compartment of the car was a friend of theirs named Daniel. In the Carlos Perciavalle was also in the back of the car,” he continued.

“This man, Daniel started talking in my ear telling me ‘chubby, today we’re going to break your ass… Assholes turn me on more’. When I took my cell phone out of my pants pocket, Jimmy told me ‘put the phone down, asshole.’ Let us tan the mambo’.

Then the young man said that the actor got out of the car to buy the drug and told about the abuse: “When the vehicle starts, Jimmy turns around and shoves his hand violently into my clothes, telling me ‘we’ll give you 100 dollars if you let yourself be fucked…for the three of us’“.

“I was so nervous that These people kept threatening me that they were going to leave me walking.. It was there that Carlos rudely told me again ‘Go ahead… if you like these things, if all the show business in Uruguay was in that body’“said the complainant about the alleged incident.

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