Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Carlos Perciavalle announced that he will be a father at the age of 82 with his partner Jimmy Castilhos: “Even the name has already been chosen”


Carlos Perciavalle and Jimmy Castilhos They confirmed that they are expecting a child through the surrogate method, a few months after making the decision to get married.

Through In the Afternoon (America TV)program of Karina Mazzoccoboth gave the scoop: “It’s a fact, even the name has already been chosen.”

However, the 82-year-old actor’s husband was the one who revealed the news and took the floor to give all the details: “I am the future father of our son,” he claimed Castilhos implying that he will be the donor.

Jimmy Castilhos and Carlos Perciavalle
Jimmy Castilhos and Carlos Perciavalle. (Instagram capture: @jimmycastilhos)

Then, he clarified that the baby will be born in December and if it is a boy, he will be called Gerónimo Argentino. “If it’s a girl, let’s see what her name is,” he added.

“I want him to be Argentine and to have his grandfather’s name (Castillhos) and the name of Argentine because I carry Argentina in my soul,” concluded Carlos Perciavalle who stated that despite living in Punta del Este, He wants to raise him like another Argentine.

This way, Carlos Perciavalle and Jimmy Castilhos They will start a family and have their son in December 2024.

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