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Carlsen to an American reporter: – Many misleading claims


Magnus Carlsen pictured during last year’s Norway Chess. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB

Of NTB | 22.05.2024 23:09:29

Sport: In several messages on X Carlsen goes out to journalist Jen Wieczner. There he accuses her of passing on “many misleading and/or incorrect claims”.

Carlsen refers in particular to a section in the reportage which is about the game he had against Niemann in the Sinquefield Cup in September 2022. It says that the world number one walked away and accused a chess photographer of helping Niemann.

The story is not true, according to Carlsen. “I was just pointing out that someone who may or may not have been aware of the chess computer’s analyzes when they entered the room or approached the board at certain times, may unknowingly give hints to players,” writes the Norwegian.

Carlsen adds that the problem has later been taken up by others.

In the magazine case, Wieczner’s dialogue with the Carlsen camp about the episode is also described. She claims that father and manager Henrik Carlsen responded with offensive e-mails. Among other things, the American is asked never to contact them again.

“Answering a journalist politely, who presented lies as something she “claimed to know”, did not interest us”, writes Magnus Carlsen in the X thread.

The conflict between Carlsen and Niemann started after Carlsen lost the aforementioned game in the Sinquefield Cup. Carlsen suggested that the American was a cheater and withdrew from the tournament.

He later made it clear that he would not play against Niemann again because he suspects him of foul play. The move caused Niemann to sue Carlsen for large sums, but in August last year the legal feud was put to rest.

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