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Catalina Gorostidi and Mauro D’Alessio forgot about “Furia” and kissed in the middle of Big Brother live


At the last nomination gala on May 29, Catalina Gorostidi and Mauro D’Alessio They were in the studio gallery, along with the rest of the former participants. Santiago del Moro asked an intimate question about them, and then asked them to kiss, and they did, completely forgetting about Juliana Rage Scaglioneis a friend of the doctor and the young man’s former partner in the reality show.

In the middle of the night of nomination of the Big Brother participants, a different atmosphere was experienced in the stands. Santiago del Moro He joked about the alleged romance between Florencia Cabrera and Damián Moya. But then, the reality show host looked at Catalina and Mauro, who were next to each other.

At that moment, Santiago asked them what was happening between them. “You are with Mauro now, right?”he consulted with a rogue Cata, who was wearing dark glasses and confirmed the relationship… to generate the anger of the “Furious”. “For all the angry ones, we are together”, launched spicy D’Alessio, 27 years old. While part of the audience was surprised, the other part began to celebrate the couple.

Given this framework, Santiago del Moro quickly asked them to give “a little peck”. At that moment, it was known that it was a joke; However, the woman from Santa Fe relented and ended up kissing Mauro, who seemed happy.

Are Fury and Mauro still together?

Yes ok Rage and Mauro were together in Big Brotherin the last days, The couple became involved in violent episodes which included pushing (several, not just one, Ángel de Brito said) by the participant. Furia fiercely requested that her fandom remove Mauro from the reality show. However, a day before, Juliana sought out Mauro repeatedly, and tried to force him to be with her while the young man rejected her and asked to be alone.

When Mauro’s name came out of Santiago del Moro’s mouth to tell him that he had been eliminated, Furia collapsed again and She entered into moments of anger that led her to target Emmanuel Vich, who was his peer until that moment. She blamed him for Mauro’s departure and then began a campaign to get him out of the house.

From that moment, Juliana remembers Mauro in the house and speaks to the camera to tell him that she misses him. The truth is that before he left the house, their relationship was already over.

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