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Catalina Gorostidi and Sabrina Cortéz, former Big Brother participants, were hired by different streaming programs


Catalina Gorostidi and Sabrina Cortezparticipants of Big Brother (Telefe) In this latest edition, they have the particularity that both were eliminated and re-entered through the playoffs and the Golden Ticket respectively. Now, they are also the first to get work outside of reality and they will do so in streaming programs.

Through your X account, @eeemiliano revealed that Telefe will launch a new streaming program, and they would already have the team formed, including: Nico Peralta, Lolo Poggio (sister of Julieta Poggio), Juan Otero and Sabrina Cortéz.

“Sabrina is the first participant of this edition of Big Brother to formally join Telefe content,” added the influencer.

Sabrina Cortéz will work on a Telefe streaming
Sabrina Cortéz will work on a Telefe streaming. (Capture: X)

Besides, Katherinethe little sister who was part of the group of The Furious within the reality show, she was hired by It was Stungthe streaming that belongs to Republic Z. Will share equipment with Gaston Trezeguet, host of the program, among other former participants such as Walter Alfa Santiago.

“To analyze everything that remains of the Big Brother program, we have had an addition that is a great addition for me because it is controversial, it has everything, it is recognized everywhere. Welcome to Se Picó, Cata”said the reality panelist while introducing the new member of the team.

“They don’t know what it cost because Cata, like Denisse and like everyone else, are part of the Telefe contract and have exclusivity. Bringing it here, although they are like half-sister companies, still requires permits and a lot of things,” he clarified.

Through your X account, Katherine He showed his joy as in the program and expressed: “What great happiness.”

Catalina Gorostidi will be a new member of Se Picó in República Z
Catalina Gorostidi will be a new member of Se Picó in República Z

This way, Catalina Gorostidi and Sabrina Cortez They are among the first participants of Big Brother (Telefe) in getting a job in the media after being eliminated from the reality show. In the case of Sabrinais the only one to formally join Telefe content, at least for the moment.

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