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Catalina Gorostidi from Big Brother destroyed the fans of “Furia”: “They are pathetic”


Catalina Gorostidi Shooting against the followers of Juliana Furia Scaglione in it Telefe stream, and nothing was saved. Likewise, he attacked them, and stated that he thanks them for the money they deposited in it but that he did not order them to put money in and that he does not owe them anything.

“I was reading the chat, a lot of people say nice things to you, but also a lot of people, they must be some angry people or some others, who tell you things… that you get hung up, that you are resentful,” commented Diego Poggi.

Between laughter and indignation, Cata responded: “Oh, it all seems pathetic to me. First, I don’t resent anyone. I mean, they are pathetic, who give their opinion about my life.” And I add: “They are pathetic, who have an opinion on my life… if they spent their money to get me into the playoffs, I regret it.”

I am not resentful, I am not treacherous. If you spent your money to get me into the playoffs, I’m sorry, your problem, not mine, thank you, I appreciate your money, I’m not going to return it to you. I have had enough”hill Catherine Gorostidi.

What happened between Catalina and Joel in Big Brother?

Catalina Gorostidi and Joel Ojeda inside the house Big Brother (Telefe) did not have a great relationship but, when they were both eliminated, they began to be closer. For that reason, Speculation began about what had happened to their relationship..

So fans started shipping them and, in turn, Various romance rumors were created between them.. However, the doctor clarified what changed between them: “I didn’t know him that much in the first edition and When he left the house we were together a lot and when we entered, as we were in the playoffs, we supported each other and became very good friends.“.

At the same time, he referred to the comments of people who want them to be together: “That’s why there are so many clips of us hugging but, When I saw the shipping, I said ‘Joel, look at this’“. And he took the opportunity to joke: “Well, I don’t know what can happen. Lie”.

Then, Nacho Castañares retorted: “But do you think it’s cute?” “Yes, it’s beautiful Joe. But nothing to see, I love him as a friend“.

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