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Catalina Gorostidi from Big Brother had a tense moment on air with Agostina Spinelli and they claimed to improve their relationship: “I apologized to you”


Catalina Gorostidi was present at Cut to Lozano (Telefe)and in the same place was her reality show partner and exfurious Agostina Spinelli. Likewise, both gave a face to face in the program Veronica Lozano and they said everything, but they promised to improve the relationship since they love each other a lot.

What did Catalina and Agostina say to each other in Corta por Lozano?

“I want to clarify that I am very values-based, I think I showed it by turning around with Furia when I didn’t like what he did at all.”, the pediatrician began. And the police responded: “You saw me very badly. “You saw me crying for three days, and you knew it was because of you, because you said it inside and you never came close to hug me.”

And he continued: “You knew that I needed you there inside that house, at that moment. You behaved very badly with me, you know that? If you admit it, he reaches me.”

“I admitted it and I went to the confessional and apologized when I nominated, and when Joel left the house I asked him ‘please tell Agostina to forgive me, that when she comes out I will talk to her,'” Catalina finished.

Finally, Catalina Gorostidi and Agostina Spinelli They claimed to improve their relationship, and promised to give each other perfumes and even a motorcycle. Without going any further, they both sealed the moment by giving each other a hug.

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