Wednesday, May 29, 2024


Eddy Merckx operated on urgently

More fear than harm. The former champion has returned home and is resting. Source link

Blackmail at Westminster: “He’s an idiot! “

A Conservative MP sent a naked photo of himself to a “scammer”. In return, the latter blackmailed him by asking him for the...

Stop the demagoguery of ugly bosses

It's a great classic. During an electoral campaign, parties often tend to push the line, sometimes even if it means falling into caricature...

Biden expects Iran to attack Israel ‘soon’

Israel-Hamas war: United States sends reinforcements to the Middle East in the face of threats from IranThe United States announced Friday the sending of...

Hezbollah announces having launched "tens" rockets on Israeli positions

The attack announced by Iran has started? Source link

This rule change which favors offensive football

The other look of Miguel Tasso Source link

Appeasement in Antwerp: missing child found in good health

The 12-year-old girl was found in good health a few hours after her disappearance. Source link

"No consensus" within the Security Council for the accession of the Palestinians to the United Nations

Members of the UN Security Council failed Thursday to reach agreement on the Palestinians' request for full membership in the United Nations, announced the...