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Cazzu’s message after announcing his separation from Christian Nodal


cazzu left a message after announcing his separation from Christian Nodalwith whom he shares a daughter. The boss” of trap recalled that artists go through the same situations as anyone else and that everything heals in time.

Artists are a screen of what happens in real life. You go through love, heartbreak, successes and mistakes with us. Today, as many times it was and as there are still many, they accompany us, some with hatred and others with a lot of love. THANK YOU ♥️ everything heals,” he wrote

Cazzu message after separation
Cazzu message after their separation

Did Cazzu and Christian Nodal separate?

cazzu and Christian Nodal They left everyone in shock when they announced their separation after almost two years together and a daughter together. The singers made a joint publication on the networks where respectful words were dedicated.

Through a text published on their Instagram stories, Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli, Cazzu’s real name, and Christian Jesús González Nodal announced that they were no longer together as a couple.

Cazzu and Christian Nodal separated
CaptionCazzu and Christian Nodal separated

“The time has come to share that Julietra and I are going our separate ways,” the text begins. He continues: “Our love and respect for each other remains strong, especially in our role as parents to our wonderful daughter, Inti.”

“I am deeply grateful for the moments we shared and will always carry those memories fondly. I appreciate your support and understanding during this time of change,” the statement concludes.

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