Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Cecilia Roth made a firm claim for the crisis in Argentine cinema: “The problem is serious”


Cecilia Roth She was honored at the 2024 Platino Awards, which were held in Mexico, for her extensive artistic career, and took advantage of the moment to make a claim for the crisis in Argentine cinema.

What Cecilia Roth said about the crisis in Argentine cinema

After an emotional speech of gratitude for the honorary award obtained, the actress expressed: “I need to say that we have to take care of our cinema, which is always in danger, in one country or the other. The Ibero-American community is a single cinema, the one that speaks in Spanish and Portuguese, but it is a single cinema. “One country.”

When you have problems you have to be attentive, help them. It’s not that I’m asking for help, it’s that I am asking that we be aware of the place we occupy in the world and that Spanish has to be heard the same as other languages,” he continued.

“It is not always heard, In our country the problem is serious because not only is it not heard, but it may cease to exist. Let’s be attentive, let’s resist and, like when I was a girl, let’s turn that fight, that resistance and those dreams that we have for the cinema that we make into reality,” she concluded. Cecilia Roth.

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