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Ceferino Reato defended Santiago del Moro after the criticism he received for censoring Mauro in Big Brother


Ceferino Reato publicly defended Santiago del Moro following the criticism he is receiving on social networks for his driving in Big Brother (Telefe).

Within the tense fight between Mauro D’ Alessio and Furia Scaglione, the driver was harshly criticized for how he handled the situation in the air. After the participant complained because they did not let him speak at the gala, del Moro censured him and stated: “My balls are swollen”.

They even compared this response to the one he had with Furia the day before, where he let her defend herself and asserted against the ex-rugbier: “Mauro, if a player asks you for space, you give it to her and that’s it”.

Criticism of Santiago del Moro after censoring Mauro D'Alessio
Criticism of Santiago del Moro after censoring Mauro D’Alessio

For that reason, the spectators showed their discontent with his actions: “Santiago, you went to the pasture. Superb and you didn’t let Mauro speak”; “The treatment of Mauro is horrible, he wants to talk and they don’t let him”; “Santiago at 9009”; “Santiago should not have put himself in that position.”

What Ceferino Reato said about Santiago del Moro

The analyst of Big Brother (Telefe) came out to speak in defense of the driver after the strong criticism that viewers began on social networks.

This way, Ceferino Reato launched on his X account (former Twitter): “Freedom of expression has to be respected, but criticizing Santiago Del Moro as the host of the most watched and talked about program in the country seems like a big mistake to me. For me, he is the best host in a country with very good TV hosts.”

Ceferino Reato defended Santiago del Moro
Ceferino Reato defended Santiago del Moro

What happened between Mauro and Santiago del Moro in Big Brother

This Sunday, May 5, Mauro had a strong conflict with Juliana Scaglione where the protagonist disrespected her from top to bottom and was able to express herself without problems in full live when Del Moro He had entered the house from the screen. The case of his partner is different, who did not give him time to do it.

This Monday, the participants began the competition for who would take the 0km car, and each of them “nominated” two of his teammates with the opportunity to leave them without a chance to compete. Among them, Martin Ku could not take part in the challenge, nor Mauro which was chosen by Virginia (leader of the week) after tying votes with Darío Martínez Corti.

When the time came Maurothe participant entered the confessional to vote, but first he exposed the production live, and noted: “Since they didn’t let me speak yesterday, I want to say that everything that was said is a lie. If we all want this to be different and not live the same thing as five months ago, which is already a bit tiring, know what you have to do.”

Later, in the middle of the competition for the car, Mauro He wanted to take advantage of the cameras when the driver asked for a few minutes to talk to analysts and sell advertising. There, Santiago had his first confrontation with his little brother.

However, Mauro He couldn’t hide his angry face and said: “I’m angry because they didn’t let me speak yesterday”. Then, Del Moro He responded bluntly: “What do you want to talk about? I’ll tell you something, because my balls are a little swollen with everything. Guys, this is a game and it’s a program, you can talk 24 hours a day on camera. Whoever wants. They have two hundred cameras “Every day, they stand up and record them, they actually go live. Do you want to talk now? Go to the confessional and tell them what you want.”

“I have to continue with the program. I cannot stop to solve the problems that you have. The program must continue. If you do not resolve the situation, both of you will be left out, sooner or later. This is coexistence and it is adaptation. Be alive. He who gets angry loses. he remarked Del Moro.

Subsequently, Juliana approached Mauro to calm him down and gave him a hug. “I can talk to the camera, at 1 p.m., in the pool, but it is not the same at a nomination gala, in prime time on Telefe”he pointed D’Alessio.

Then, Rage approached Mauro and hugged him. But the player did not remain silent and he responded to the driver: “I can talk to the camera, at 1 p.m., in the pool, but it is not the same at a nomination gala, in prime time on Telefe.”

“Mauro, we saw everything, you had your chance to do it, and there is the confessional for you to go to and say what you want”he clarified Santiago. “It’s a matter of staying calm, the one who doesn’t know anything on the outside and the one who has to be strong inside is me. If all that happens and I can’t defend myself…” he claimed Mauro.

“There are none victims, and the doors are open to those who want to leave, that’s the game. They are all people of legal age,” He launched Del Moro to bring closure to the confrontation with the little brother.


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