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Ceferino Reato, spicy for a comment by Furia in Big Brother: “The forces of heaven explained to him that it was appropriate to clarify what was said”


Ceferino Reato spicy pointed against Juliana “Furia” Scaglione and again he implied that he would be receiving information from abroad in Big Brother (Telefe).


Chino, you are more morrudo, it is because of how your body changed by training. Me too, not now, but it’s always like we have this (points to shoulders) more armed. Perhaps appreciation was not felt, butor what I mean is that you have more trapezius“Juliana is heard saying. (Video X: @AyluBaezOk).

Ceferino Reato, panelist of the Big Brother debate, cited the X cut and fired sharply: “GH. The forces of heaven and his third eye explained to him that it was appropriate to clarify what he had said.. But if you carefully analyze her ‘morrudita’ (diminutive of a strong, corpulent person) in a context of grievances, it is clear that she had been referring to the body acquired by Coty since he did not see her.”

Ceferino Reato spicy with Fury

In turn, in another message he clarified: “Big Brother. When I talk about ‘the forces of heaven’ I am referring to Fury’s extraordinary extrasensory ability to account for the outside. Something like the Third Eye that its followers mention. Obviously: I can’t prevent the people’s interpretations of the networks.”

Ceferino Reato spicy with Fury

What happened between Ceferino Reato and Furia

Juliana “Furia” Scaglione sent a threatening message to Ceferino Reatopanelist at the debate Big Brother (Telefe), and it made people talk.

Once again, the participant brought up the debate about whether or not she receives information from abroad from the production of the reality show, since she warned the journalist not to speak badly of her.

Ceferino, close the ort… That one must speak ill of me. He better be putting in a good word for me…when he comes out, hold on buddy. You are going to be afraid of the panel, not me of you.“, Furia said while he was with his colleagues in the kitchen. (Video X: @TronkOficial).

The analyst reacted sharply to this situation and responded through X: “GH. The forces of heaven. Fury’s tremendous extrasensory capacity. Very nice moment of the game“.

It is worth remembering that in recent times, Ceferino Reato He harshly questioned Juliana’s violent attitudes inside the house and suggested that the player would be receiving information from “the forces of heaven.”

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