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César Bordón responded to criticism of Nahir Galarza’s film: “There is no position”


César Bordónwho plays the father of Nahir Galarza in the film about the young woman who was sentenced to life in prison for murdering her boyfriend, Fernando Pastorizzotalked about the film and the criticism that surrounds it.

In dialogue with the cycle Midnight Moskite by La Once Diez/Radio de la Ciudad, César Bordón, responded to the criticism that the film receives nahir for being “focused” on the perpetrator and trying to romanticize her situation with a benevolent gaze.

“Watch the movie. The movie is the same for a lot of people, there is no stance in the film. The specific event is reflected, the investigation is almost copied, we never forget that there is a dead boy behind this, there are many possible readings and variants that are taken lightly, we must see it with the breadth that the case deserves ”.

The actor, however, clarified that “I was very interested in the case, how this comes to happen, beyond that, all the background that makes it reach that point. Try to understand it and tell it respectfully”he said in a note with Moskita Muerta and Nilda Sarli.

Regarding his role, Bordón stated that “He is a very disturbing character, interesting to play, key to the story, you have to read him a little on the screen to see where he is going”.

Where can you see Nahir Galarza’s film?

From May 22, 2024, the film nahirstarring the actress Valentina Zenere in the role of Nahir Galarza, can be seen through the platform Amazon Prime.

How much did Nahir Galarza earn for the film about her?

Some reports indicate that Nahir Galarzasentenced to life imprisonment for having murdered her boyfriend, Fernando Pastorizzowould have charged about 50 thousand dollars for his story, and transferred the rights for the production.

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