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Chico Buarque kicks off “Que tal um samba” concert series in Portugal today – Vida

Chico Buarque takes the stage of Pavilhão Rosa Mota, in Porto, today and Saturday, and on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June at Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon.

The singer and composer returns to Portugal to present “Que tal um samba”, a show that, according to the promoter of the shows, “promotes a tour of the decades-old work of Chico Buarque, which brings together compositions that have not been presented for a long time and more recent ones”.

The shows will have the Brazilian singer Mónica Salmaso as a guest.

By 5pm on Thursday there were still some tickets available for the Porto concerts. The capacity in Lisbon is sold out in the three days.

The musician has already performed several times in Portugal, the last of which in June 2018, in a series of six concerts, presenting “Caravanas”, his 23rd studio album, released in 2017.

Francisco Buarque de Hollanda, 78 years old, with a musical career spanning more than five decades, also stands out in the world of literature as a writer of novels, short stories, poetry, plays and children’s books, with titles such as “Roda Viva”, ” Gota d’Água” and “Opera do Malandro”, “Little Yellow Riding Hood”, “Benjamim” and “The German Brother”.

Chico Buarque was recently in Portugal to receive the Camões Prize, with which he was distinguished in 2019.

For the jury of the Camões Prize, the greatest literary distinction in the Portuguese language, the choice of Chico Buarque was due to his “contribution to the cultural formation of different generations”, and the “multifaceted character” of his work, poetry, to the theater and romance, establishing itself as a “fundamental reference of the culture of the contemporary world”.

At the Camões delivery ceremony, on April 24 in Sintra, Chico Buarque dedicated the distinction to “so many humiliated and offended authors” in the “years of stupidity and obscurantism”, recalling that “the fascist threat persists in Brazil and a little throughout the part”.

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