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China Suárez confirmed through a video that cosmetic surgery was performed


China Suarez confirmed by a video on Instagram She had a lolas implant because after having her children, she did not feel satisfied with this part of her body. For her part, she revealed that it was the only thing that was done to her entire body.

“Any operations?”, asked a virtual fan. And with a very nice filter, he answered: “Yes, I had my boobs done. Now that my children are sleeping here next door… I always had them, but I had them done because after I had breastfed, one day I saw myself in the mirror from the side and literally, they looked like the eggs of an old man.”

AND China Suarez ended: “I never saw an old man’s eggs in person, before they invented anything, but it was like that: like two little bags like that, empty. Awful. And I said ‘no, no, no, I’m going to have them operated on.’ And I operated on them. That was it”. However, she revealed that she wants to continue having more children.

What happened to China Suárez

Eugenia “China“Suarez He suffered an accident that ended with his nose broken. The singer published two videos, one that shows how she was left after the fracture, and another where her youngest son takes care of her.

After having been in San Martín de los Andes to film a movie, The China He posted photos and videos on his Instagram account along with the caption: “Well, in a bad accident, I broke my nose“.

China Suarez broken nose

In the same post, the singer and actress explained that “There is no displacement so I don’t need surgery.” Finally, he explained that the treatment that must be followed consists only of “Ice and painkillers for me”.

La China also uploaded a video to her stories where Amancio, her youngest son, takes care of her by putting ice on the affected area.

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