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China Suárez got angry with a follower after criticizing her for the upbringing of her daughter Rufina: “Worry about your children’s heads”


Eugenia “La China” Suárez was in the news in the last few hours since he responded to a follower on his official Instagram account after insulting how she raises her daughter Rufina. The same, she has famous parents (Nicolas Cabre), and for the follower the daughter would be raised in a bad way since the parents are and were “Unfaithful”.

The capture of the response was uploaded by Pochi from Gossipeame, and the follower commented: “I imagine the heads of those children. “They change partners as if nothing had happened.” And the actress did not keep quiet, and launched: ““Worry about your children’s heads.” He launched.

The anger of the Chinese Suárez with a follower
The anger of the Chinese Suárez with a follower

And he closed, without filter: “For our daughter’s, we take care of it. And she is well raised and happy.”

What happened between La China Suárez and Rusherking?

A panelist gave details of the breakup of China Suarez and Rusherking. On the other hand, he referred to the main reason why he does not have a good relationship with Ángela Torres, the singer’s current partner.

“The one who wanted to end the relationship was Rusherking and she was very hurt by the end of this relationship, she was very marked”began the panelist known as Pochi in Start the day (Ciudad Magazine). And he added: ““He had given her a car in the middle of the crisis.”commented one of the panelists, and the Instagrammer assured him that she returned it to him with a crane.

Furthermore, he said that China Suarez I loved a lot Angela Torresthe new girlfriend of his ex Rusherking, and now since they are together he feels a slight rejection towards her.

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