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China Suárez involved in a scandal with residents of San Martín de los Andes


The China Suarez she is once again involved in a scandal but, on this occasion, it has nothing to do with their romantic relationships but rather with a work project in which it is located.

The actress is recording the series The Bastard, which will premiere in 2025, and which takes place in San Martín de los Andes, province of Neuquén. Although, at first, it was very well received by the local inhabitants, it later began to have some problems with the merchants.

This was revealed in Up Argentines (El Trece): “The China where he moves has the bolonqui. The conflict pursues it.” Then they commented on what happened: “She is recording a series in San Martín de los Andes and it turns out that there are some moments when the street must be closed, you cannot pass and the businesses that are in that place are affected and they are asking her for financial compensation”.

“They say ‘Look, you block the street, you don’t let me enter the street, I’m losing daily sales…’ China is in production because of what they ask of her,” said the workers in the area where China Suárez is recording.

Would China Suárez be dating Marcos Ginocchio?

The China Suárez and Marcos Ginocchio They referred to rumors that there is a romance between them after they have been seen together on several occasions.

It all arose while they were doing a live on Instagram and the fans of the last winner of Big Brother (Telefe) They began to comment that they did not like the couple they made..

For this reason, the actress and singer got tired of reading negative statements against her and stated: “Girls, stop saying ‘Cousin isn’t around’ because we’re not together so relax. “I already told you 20 times.”

Then, Marcos Ginocchio, for his part, clarified: “Of course not”. However, China Suárez joked with her response: “Well, not ‘of course not’ son of a bitch, you make me look bad.”


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