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Cinthia Fernández’s chilling story about the harassment she suffered on the street: “She threw herself at me and left me motionless”


Cinthia Fernandez He told what was the worst harassment situation he suffered and shocked with his chilling story.

The model interacted with her followers on Instagram through the question box and recalled the situation she experienced in public with a man.

Cinthia Fernández on the harassment she suffered

“What was the worst harassment you suffered?” an Internet user asked him. AND Cinthia Fernandez be sincere: “That a guy at the exit of the canal (in front of a school) got into my car while I was getting in and jumped on top of me, leaving me motionless.“.

Just. He wet his pants and ran away. I ran it. I screamed for help and the channel security grabbed him.“he recalled.

They put him in a mental institution and two months later they released him. Today he must be doing the same thing… he knew what he was doing because when they caught him he said ‘I’m not doing it anymore’. Sick“he concluded.

Cinthia Fernández scolded a man who harassed her on the street

In March 2023, Cinthia Fernandez He referred on his social networks to a situation of street harassment that he suffered. She recounted the incident and recorded the moment where she rebuked and insulted the man, who, upon seeing her reaction, hid in a supermarket.

“I was arriving at the parking lot and an old dirty guy says something rude to me and jumps on me. “The very coward goes inside the supermarket”were the first words from the media to introduce the subject, and then show through filming how they went to look for the stalker.

While walking through the shopping aisles, the ex-partner of Matías Defederico, He narrated with fury what he wanted to achieve: “I’m going to go to the supermarket to scold this man who slobbered on the street.”

“Maybe that way they start to feel more ashamed and stop doing it. “I’m tired of living with these slugs, and I’m smart about saying slugs.”Cinthia said, before finding the man, since the market was large and the search became extensive.

Once he was able to visualize it, he approached him, faced him and said: “Do you feel like saying what you told me?”. He replied: “It wasn’t me, I think there is a mistake.” She retorted: “Yeah? They saw it, otherwise I ask for the local security cameras. He is going to be very famous, don’t worry.”

“I apologize if it bothered you, but I had no intention of bothering you,” the stalker apologized. Cinthia, indignant, closed: “This is how you have to act when you see a degenerate on the street.”

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