Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Climate damage will be 38 trillion dollars per year by 2050


Cold drinks come in handy on a hot day in Mahawewa, north of Colombo in Sri Lanka. A new study shows that climate change will cost 38 trillion dollars per day worldwide by 2050. Photo: Eranga Jayawardena / AP / NTB.

Of NTB | 17.04.2024 18:03:47

Weather: A number that will certainly rise because more and more greenhouse gases are released, according to the government-backed study.

The researchers from Potsdam’s Institute for Climate Impact (PIK) have calculated that climate change will eat up 17 percent of the world economy’s GDP from the middle of this century.

– It costs us much less to protect the climate than not doing it, says one of the researchers behind the study, Leonie Wenz.

For example, making sure to reach the 2-degree target will cost much less than not doing so, the report shows.

While previous studies have concluded that some countries will benefit from climate change, this one shows that the vast majority will lose from it. It looks worst for the poor developing countries.

The research is based on projected temperature and precipitation trends, but does not take into account extreme weather or other climate-related disasters such as forest fires or rising sea levels.


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