Concern in “Cuestión de Peso” over the disappearance of a participant

Concern in “Cuestión de Peso” over the disappearance of a participant

Concern in “Cuestión de Peso” over the disappearance of a participant

Mario Massaccesi revealed the disappearance of Matiasone of the participants of Matter of weight (El Trece), after celebrating his birthday.

After receiving no sign of him, the host began the program by telling viewers what had happened: “It’s a very strange day for us because when we don’t know anything about one of the participants and hours go by, and days go by without hearing anything. Imagine the worry. We called everywhere, family, friends and nobody knows anything about Matías”

“Matías is a very responsible participant and He was very advanced in his treatment and was like an inspiration to the group. That is why we are surprised that he did not go to the clinic, he did not go to the activity they did in the morning with Sergio, he was not at lunch but, in addition, He didn’t come to the program either. And he didn’t communicate to say where he is, what he’s doing and, most importantly, if he needs anything.“, he said about him and emphasized that “we are concerned about how he is and, moreover, we are surprised that being so responsible, he has not warned us what is happening to him at this moment.”

He thus confirmed that the last time he was heard from was three days ago: “On Friday Matías celebrated his birthday, it was one of the 20 gifts we gave him”where they took him to a Diego Maradona themed bar.

They even showed some words that Matías said to his colleagues at the venue: “I want to thank you all for sharing my birthday here because you know how much I love you all. Let’s make it permissible but without going overboard, let’s apply what we’ve learned“.

Luisito was on Cuestión de Peso after his strong criticism of the program

Luisito criticized the new season of Matter of weight (The thirteen)However, on Thursday, May 23, he was on the program and broke down when remembering his story.

“I didn’t want to cry, but seeing myself on tape is very hard. Matter of weight “It was like my home, I came here and made a mess, I didn’t care about anything. I came and went… I did what I wanted and that played against my health, until I weighed 290 kilos and became aware.”

Regarding when he made the click to change his life forever, Luisito said: “One night I felt a pain in my chest and thought I was going to die. I went, hugged my mother and told her that I couldn’t take it anymore, that I was going to die fat.“It was like a farewell. I went to bed and said, ‘I’m in God’s hands.’ I gave myself up, but God gave me another chance.”

“I started calling Sergio Verón, asking for help. He told me that they were going to accept me back into the clinic, but this time it was different because I had to become aware,” she recalled.


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