Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Confirm that Han So Hee and Jeon Jong Seo will participate in the upcoming series “Project Y”


The production of “ProjectY“They confirmed that Han Sohee and Jeon Jongseo will star in black drama set in Gangnam. It will be directed by the director of “Young Adult Matters” and will begin filming in the second half of 2024.

What ProjectY is about

“Project Y” is a dark play depicting the desire of two friends of the same age to steal 8 billion gold bars and finally quit the game, set in Gangnam, Seoul. The director will direct Lee Hwan Of the movies “Park Hwa-young” and “I Don’t Know Adult.”

Production includes Climax Studio, production company behind the Netflix series ‘Hell’, ‘DP’, ‘Boring Water: The Grey’ and the movies ‘Concrete Utopia’ and ‘Soul Mate’as well as the Netflix series ‘Seonsan’ and ‘Parasite Water: The Grey’ was produced by Wow Point, a global content production company.

Han So-hee showed an unmatched presence through the Netflix seriesGyeongseong Creatureand ‘My Name’and the actress Jeon Jong-seocaptivated audiences with powerful performances in the film ‘burning‘, the Netflix movie. “call‘and the television series’ransom‘.

It is planned that the “Project Y” start in the second half of this year.

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