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Coscu revealed that his uncle was one of those who disappeared during the dictatorship


Coscu reflected on the last Civic Military Dictatorship that was experienced in our country where 30 thousand people disappeared and revealed that his uncle was one of them.

The streamer opened his heart in a frame where he President Javier Milei has questioned that figure and stated in his electoral campaign that “there were not 30,000 missing, there were 8,753.”

For this reason, he took advantage of his visit to I dreamed that I was flying (Olga) to raise awareness about this historical event: “I don’t deal with my mother crying, my aunt crying. I do not attend all the family gatherings I have had in which my uncle’s memory was remembered and commemorated. “I understand that I have to put myself aside in a lot of aspects that perhaps, in my case, I am not so sure about talking about but I am sure who my uncle was.”

“My uncle played volleyball in Estudiantes, he was a super athletic guy, super healthy, and they went to that person’s house at 2 in the morning and forcefully told him ‘you think differently’ and took him to a place that Nobody knows which one it was and they never saw it again. And my grandmother would look for them and march in squares to make them appear, even knowing that they could disappear,” she said about her family history.

Then, he attacked those who question this figure: “And they say that they planted two bombs and they say a gang of aberrations and I have closer sources to know that this is not the case. That is why I defend it tooth and nail. I would be very embarrassed to go to a family gathering and not be aware that I have a missing uncle. It should never be forgotten. “We are talking about something that is human rights, much bigger and more encompassing than politics.”

“What’s this saying that there weren’t that many? Not one of them has to die. It goes beyond the accuracy of a number because, precisely, there was no way to corroborate that number. They threw them off a plane,” concluded Martín Pérez Disalvo.

Javier Milei’s phrase in Congress that caused outrage

President Javier Mileispoke in March at the opening of the ordinary sessions of the Congressin the midst of a tense social climate marked by protests, increased inflation and poverty. At the beginning of his speech, the head of state ironically commented on the management of the pandemic, mentioning “We would have had 30,000 deaths, really”, in reference to those who disappeared during the dictatorship.

When speaking about health, Milei stated that he received a system pushed “into a shortage crisis, caused by the irresponsible trade policy of the previous Government.” “She left doctors, patients and families without stock of medical supplies of all kinds and, in particular, special medications such as oncology medications,” she explained.

Along these lines, he maintained that this happened “in the middle of the farce of the ‘State takes care of you, during the pandemic, where If we had done things like a mediocre country we would have had 30,000 deaths, really. However, we had 130,000 with the enormous pain that that means,” she highlighted.

This last phrase angered a large percentage of Internet users who expressed their rejection of the comment. Immediately, the label went viral on X “There are 30,000”.


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