Costa’s anger after his resignation from “Legalmente Rubia”: “It was horrible how he communicated”

Costa’s anger after his resignation from “Legalmente Rubia”: “It was horrible how he communicated”

Costa’s anger after his resignation from “Legalmente Rubia”: “It was horrible how he communicated”

Coast gave up “Legally Blondethe work starring Laurita Fernandez at the Teatro Liceo, and after the commotion he confronted the bad versions with the production.

The actress gave a note to Show Partners (El Trece) and expressed bluntly: “I finished because I couldn’t give it any more, since February I have slept three hours. It’s really sad that they talk like that about my people, my colleagues… we are all working people“.

There was no decision, I resigned. What was said is a gossip and is of no use. If someone says that, it multiplies and no one talks about my work. It’s really ugly that they say that about me. You don’t have to be cynical about people’s workspaces because everything comes back“, he stated.

“It was difficult for me to make the decision. It was horrible because of how he communicated. That was invented because there is no news, but there is nothing to say, just thank you“he concluded Coast.

Why Costa left Legally Blonde

This Monday, Sebastian Pampito Perello Aciar told Intruders (America TV) that they would have removed the artist from the cast: “They would have gone down to Costa de Legally Blonde, it just happened recently. She would have had a meeting right now. They say that It came with different problems with production“.

“They tell me that they have just separated her from the work. She was very happy… she has a lot of work, she is having a great time at work. They tell me that she did not take the meeting very well, she was very hot with the decision“explained the journalist.

They tell me that many things were added and the production decided to run it“added Pampito. It should be noted that on Sunday, Coast He did the show as usual and even shared allusive material on his Instagram stories.

After the commotion over the information, the production of the show expressed itself through a press release: “Given the information that circulated today regarding the continuity of Ms. Costa in the cast of Legally Blondethe production team confirms the non-renewal of his contract in response to his request and accepting his multiple work commitments that prevent him from continuing the season on the bill“.

And they detailed: “Legally Blonde will continue to carry out its functions from Wednesday to Sunday and from July 9 also adding Tuesdays.

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