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Coty Romero accused the production for her elimination from Bailando 2023 and revealed that everything was fixed: “I knew it would end there”


Coty Romero was eliminated in mid-January from Bailando 2023 (América TV) versus Alexis The Rabbit Quirogahis ex-partner, but this time he spoke again about his time on the program to point out the production and a controversial participant: Charlotte Caniggia.

What did Coty Romero say about the production of Bailando 2023?

The woman from Corrientes could not enter the top ten participants of the reality show, although she left a mark on the program not only for her spicy crosses, but also for surprising the jury with her dances.

After four months of Tuli Acosta will be consecrated as the champion of the contest, Coty He returned to the topic of his elimination in the streaming of Martín Cirio, better known as “The Pharaoh”and told some secrets that no one expected.

In principle, the former participant of Big Brother (Telefe) He detailed that “many things had to be compromised”so his patience was running out every time the elimination galas were happening.

“My worst moment was when I had to leave, there was something that I don’t know if I can talk about. There was something there that had to do with the departure of a participant. I knew that was the end of it and that’s why I didn’t go to the final after”, he pointed out, in reference to his crosses with Charlotte Caniggia.

On the other hand, he pointed out against production: “I said ‘I’m here and I won’t come back’. In reality I had a project going forward that was like a program, but when this participant’s departure happened they told me ‘you’re here and this program that you had going forward’ neither'”.

However, he did not regret the situation and stated: “Thank God. Everything happens for a reason, then I entered Big Brother and I’m with Telefe and I stay here and I don’t move anymore.”

“There are people who told me ‘you lost’. First, it pisses me off because I know how things are, but at that moment I said ‘what a bummer that people don’t know,'” he clarified.

Finally, Martin Cirio He asked him if he was ever able to talk to him again. Charlotte Caniggia without mentioning it, and Coty Romero concluded: “He blocked me. It’s more about people from behind, representatives. I’ve talked to people, I knew how to arrange things, but I said ‘that’s it’. I wouldn’t do that. It’s happened to me many times that I’ve been fired from my job by people “It’s not the first time it’s happened to me.”

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