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Coty Romero and Julieta Poggio smoothed over differences after their repeated confrontations


Coty Romero and Juliet Poggio They met at an event and They opened up about what their relationship is like now. after having had several encounters since his time in Big Brother (Telefe).

In dialogue with Show Partners (El Trece), the chronicler asked them: “What is the bond between the two of you like?” “Good, really good. We work together now so it’s great”said the Zoom singer, come closer, implying that they left their differences behind.

For her part, the Corrientes said: “I think we smoothed things over in a moment and, I think, this new entry of mine into the house was very important because I feel that there I understood a lot of things that had happened before.” and that I told Juli when I left. There we said ‘well, we’re closing the stage’ and he’s done.”

Then, the Movilera asked them about the scandal that arose when Constanza revealed that she had kissed Marcos Ginocchio but that, at that time, the dancer was dating him. Then she argued: “I didn’t know she was with him, there were rumors but no confirmations. That’s why when I spoke to her I apologized.”

“This issue is already very over,” said Julieta Poggio and commented that they are not “friends, but good companions.” “Good co-workers”Coty Romero supported her.

In addition, the woman from Corrientes is starting a relationship with Nacho Castañares, who is the singer’s best friend, so they are beginning to have a more cordial bond.

Who is Julieta Poggio’s new boyfriend, after her romance with Marcos Ginocchio

Juliet Poggio turned the page with Marcos Ginocchio, and the former Big Brother is in a relationship with a young man from Mendoza. The dancer had already denied this version when the rumor arose; However, an image of her revealed her.

According to the influencer known as Pochi on Instagram, A user passed him photos that can only be seen on the young man’s account, in the private “Best Friends” section, and that confirm the relationship.

In Start the day (Ciudad Magazine) revealed more details: ““A person from his best friends list leaked the images of them together in Buenos Aires and he also uploaded another photo of her alone,” he blurted out Pochi.

On the other hand, he revealed the identity of her new boyfriend. Juliet: “The young man’s name is Joaquín Codes, he is from Mendoza, and comes from a comfortable family. He is a very cool boy. “They would have been together rafting there in Mendoza, doing activities.”

While showing a photo of Poggio and Joaquín together last weekend, Pochi clarified: “Joaquín Codes is the one next to her, wearing a black t-shirt, he is from Mendoza and came here to visit her. At the time she told me that nothing was happening, but the photos speak.


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