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Coty Romero confirmed that “she is getting to know each other” with Nacho Castañares and clarified what her relationship with La Tora is like: “You don’t choose what to feel”


Coty Romeroformer participant of Big Brother (Telefe)revealed that he began to meet with Nacho Castañaresand expressed how his relationship is with Lucila La Tora Villarwho knew how to have a courtship with his ex-little brother inside and outside of the reality show.

Are Coty Romero and Nacho Castañares together?

In an interview with LAM (America TV)Ángel de Brito began by congratulating the Corrientes for her new relationship, and she clarified: “There is no courtship. We are friends who are getting to know each other.”

“Don’t lie to me. You already have an advantage because you already lived together,” Told him Angel. AND Pepe Ochoa he noted: “Nacho and Coty are so fed up that they answer the same things in the notes, so that’s it. It’s official.”

“Are they discussing what they are going to upload to the networks?”Angel asked him. “No, that’s good, because we don’t care much about what they might say,” assured Coty.

Subsequently, Pepe Ochoa He insisted on his relationship with his ex-partner Nacho and consulted: “What about the Torah, because I understand that the demons take it?”

“No, we are single, alone for a long time, we both went through difficult things. I’m not talking about him now with her relationship, but in the past. She already had a relationship. Although I considered her a friend and many people may say ‘what you’re doing is wrong’. You don’t choose how to feel at certain times. My friends are really the ones I’ve known for four or five years. Coty pointed out.

However, Fede Bongiorno He wanted to know the reason why the former little sister expressed that “He considered the Torah as a friend,” speaking in past tense, and she said: “Because now we don’t have the same connection that we had at the time. Then they told me that she had unfollowed me and I unfollowed her too.”

Finally, Coty Romero draised all kinds of doubts about his relationship with The Torah after confirming that “is knowing” with Nacho Castañares and concluded: “We always greet each other well, we have a good working relationship.”

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