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Coty Romero criticized Furia’s game in Big Brother and her sister went on the defensive


Coty Romero and Coy Scaglionethe sister of Big Brother Fury (Telefe), they were involved in a tense crossing following the former participant’s criticism of the little sister game.

It all started when the Corrientes made an analysis of her re-entry into reality in this edition in It got stung (Republic Z) where Georgina was a guest. In this way, she explained: “For me there is a very important phrase that says ‘Success is not measured by victories but by improvements.’ I consider that this year I improved a lot compared to last year’s GH, that’s why I entered again. “Not everyone can say ‘I entered two consecutive editions to play again'”

“Coty, stop for a second. You spent your time crying and, in addition, you kept saying ‘that Big Cousin told me…'”, the interviewee quickly interrupted her. However, she continued to explain her idea: “So, what I really consider is that I improved a lot, it’s a lot that I achieved and, sometimes, You win a lot more by losing because I’m not the one in there being violent, looking very bad to the entire society and the only people who don’t realize that are The Furious. And yet, I am objective and I tell you that for me Juliana is a good person, she is a very good person but I do not share the violence that she handles and that you handle too. “It’s not good to treat people like that.”

What happened between Coty Romero and Coy Scaglione

Automatically, this caused annoyance to the participant’s sister: “But Coty, do you remember what you did to Furia? Furia told her as soon as she arrived from the clinic that she had this diagnosis and you went and bullied her and hit her head”. “Look, the one who is in there is because he can be, no one there has to take charge of anything. And, what’s more, she already knew that she had that because she told us that she did a study before entering because she was going to “I work at a gym and I already knew I had that diagnosis,” the young woman justified.

“No, I did not know. I ask you for a little empathy.”, Coy retorted. Although, she responded without compassion: “And what empathy did she have when I had a panic attack? It’s not like that, don’t want to take it all that way. And the campaign that you run, in any case, is also dirty because instead of supporting your sister you are throwing garbage at the rest.”

In this way, he accused: “You and everyone who left are all resentful.” But, Constanza did not take the hint: “No, honestly I am not even resentful.”. The truth is that I am objective, I tell you that she is a professional player and that she is a good person, but that she does not ignore some attitudes, it does not mean that I am subjective“.

Coty Romero and Coy Scaglione in Se Picó
Coty Romero and Coy Scaglione in Se Picó

“But you don’t say that in the programs, You said Fury is violent, aggressive“, she commented about the analysis of the game that the former participant did on television. So she explained: “So you didn’t listen to any program, I am one of the most objective and if I don’t bank her, in any case, what is your problem? You only like Gastón Trezeguet and Laura Ubfal because they speak well of Juliana. You have to accept that it is a debate and there will be different positions. It’s a game, and I know it more than anyone because I was in both Big Brother. “It doesn’t mean that yelling at other participants isn’t a valid weapon, but I don’t agree with that.”

“Then replicate it in other programs because I hear you say other things,” he insisted. “Sorry, but I’m going to do what I want because they pay me to sit and give my opinion, not yours,” the woman from Corrientes refused.

“Then you speak ill of Fury because they pay you”, incriminated her without evidence. So he defended himself: “I’m not talking bad about Fury, when did I do it? I say what I have to say, when he makes a good play, I say it. It doesn’t mean that I have to be talking 100% of what you you want I am not going to continue talking to a person who, apparently, is exactly the same as the sister“.

Finally, Coy asked Coty Romero not to be upset, so the young woman explained: “I don’t get angry, it’s my personality. Tell your sister then…it’s my personality and I’m not going to let anyone disrespect me.” “Calm down, because I see you agitated and you’re going to have a panic attack,” Scaglione concluded.


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