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Cris Vanadía spoke about the supposed cancellation of his program on América TV: “The departure date is being extended”


Cris Vanadía He spoke about the supposed cancellation of his program on América TV, and gave details about what happened.

New programs on América TV. A cooking series with Ailin Tokman and Simón Andrés, from 12 to 12:30 or from 12:30 to 1 p.m.“, the journalist had reported Augustine King via X (formerly Twitter) in mid-April.

New programs on América TV

Although everything seemed to be on track, in the last hours in Afternoon Nosers (NetTV), Carlos Monti explained: “They just called me to tell me and confirm because, of course, I always do the confirmation in duplicate, which A program was created that had not yet aired, that is, pre-production of the program had begun.. They had met at the channel, they had agreed on the drivers’ cash and with the theme that the program was going to have, it already had a schedule for airing and the program finally did not air.”

“It was a project that was very advanced, the contracts had even been discussed, that had almost been formalized,” he added.

What happened to Cris Vanadía’s program on América TV

After the commotion, Cris Vanadía gave a note for Show Partners (The thirteen) and assured that the premiere of the program is still valid: “On TV there are projects that may expire or that depend on many things. I found out through the networks that they said it was being delayed, but at the same time they sent me the contract to sign.“.

“We are watching, but it is still standing. We continue working on the project, having meetings. Yes, the release date is being extended, but it does not depend on just one thing: studies, technical resources, sponsors… everything has to fit so that it comes to light,” said the driver.

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