Thursday, May 30, 2024

Crisis course in obligation to give way for Haugesund


Of Egil M Solberg | 05/07/2024 22:22:11

Obligation to give way: Haugesund municipality receives NOK 100,000 from the Ministry of Transport and Communications to carry out the “Operation to give way” following an increase in traffic accidents due to violations of the right of way.

Mobility planner Lorna Dyrkolbotn explains to Haugesund’s newspaper the need for training as many accidents occur due to failure to give way, especially at intersections and roundabouts.

The funds will be used for communication measures such as posters, banners and films to inform about the obligation to give way, with a focus on both motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists, writes the newspaper.

The Ministry of Transport supports local initiatives to achieve the zero vision for traffic safety, and Haugesund municipality is among those who are allocated funds for this purpose, writes the newspaper.


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