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Cristian Castro and Mariela Sánchez separated again due to the leak of scandalous audios: “It was unsustainable”


Cristian Castro and Mariela Sánchez separated again following the leak of scandalous audios of her.

The singer and the Cordoba woman had reconciled a week ago; However, voice notes came to light that destroyed the couple. Through her Instagram account, Mariela issued an extensive statement and explained what happened.

What happened between Cristian Castro and Mariela Sánchez

“I want to publicly express the pain and regret I feel for what happened. I entered the underworld of the networks to talk with people who perhaps have not been as loved as me and In a state of anger I said horrible things about the person who I feel, in the depths of my soul, was a great love.“, he introduced in his defense.

Mariela Sánchez confirmed her separation from Cristian Castro

Sorry, Cristian. It surprises me that people don’t celebrate love and enjoy pain and want to destroy. “I am grateful to have met a romantic person who, despite everything, spoke to me out of his anger and taught me with great affection what love is,” he continued.

Cristian listened to all the audios and we finally came to the end of the relationship, it was unsustainable. The person who sent all this obviously does not post the videos and photos he sent me for me to react that way. And I fell. However, I feel my privacy has been violated when an intimate conversation with a person in whom I wrongly placed my trust becomes known.“Lamented Mariela Sánchez.

And he concluded: “I want to apologize to his entire family, Verónica Castro, Yuri, Darío de León, and above all to you, Cristian.”

What the audios of Mariela Sánchez against Cristian Castro say

days ago in In the afternoon (America TV) They released controversial audios of the young woman from Córdoba speaking badly of the interpreter during the time they were separated and he was with Ingrid Wagner.

“I only gossip at what moment… I would love for this mine to break out too. Do you know what it’s like to bank the dirty fat man for seven years?“, he said in an audio. “It’s like they are girls without possibilities, it’s like they see a famous person and wow! They are shocked by that, by fame, and he denigrates them,” he expressed in another.

I believe that Cristian hates me, detests me, hates me, because he knows that I have many relationships and I move in the environment. “I can go out with any important guy, he’s going to hate me,” she added.

And in other voice notes, Mariela expressed: “He is fine when he dominates the situation and has ugly mines at his side. Now, when he has a girl that everyone looks at, he gets insecure and that’s where he starts to treat you badly”; “He is crazy, he is a detestable being”; “He is a piece of paper, literally”; “The day I was going on a trip with him, he started out as aggressive, he squeezed my arm hard because I didn’t want to have sex with him all day.”

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