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Cristian Castro reconciled with Mariela Sánchez: “I’m not going to lose you anymore, they were the most difficult days”


Cristian castro He reconciled with Mariela Sánchez20 days after separating from his last girlfriend, the lawyer Ingrid Wagner.

The singer and the woman from Córdoba made their reconciliation official through their respective Instagram accounts, and sparked marriage rumors.

Cristian Castro reconciled with Mariela Sánchez

I want to tell you that I am not going to lose you anymore, they were the most difficult days; If you knew how lonely my life has been… but you’re here now. We will make history, my love. In your eyes and in mine, God knew what he was doing“, wrote Cristian castro along with a photo apparently in the Church, with Mariela, her mother and a bishop.

For me they were also difficult days, my heart does not rest and wants to get out of this crazy world to start beating a little and smile. Who says what is right and what should be done. If what counts is what one can and what makes us most happy,” the woman from Córdoba expressed in her profile, accompanying the post with romantic photos.

Cristian Castro reconciled with Mariela Sánchez

What happened between Cristian Castro and Mariela Sánchez?

Cristian Castro had been accused of being unfaithful after an influencer came out to say that she was with him while he was in Punta del Este for his birthday. Susana Gimenez. Although she did not deny it, days later, she confirmed his breakup with Mariela Sanchez.

While he was at the airport at the end of February, the Mexican program Al Punto interviewed him. Therefore, the singer was sincere: “It’s over, the story is over“.

“What happened that they broke up?” the chronicler asked him. “It’s a bit difficult to be a singer. It’s hard“, he launched enigmatically without revealing further details of the reason why they would have separated.

Then, they asked him about a rumor that circulated: “Is it true that she was looking at your phone?” “No, She is a very good girl and the truth is that everything was very calm, it couldn’t be done anymore. Unfortunately we talked about it and we ended everything well,” she declared.

“And why did she leave the Mexico Airport crying?” they finally asked her. So Cristian Castro spoke about his relationship with Mariela Sánchez that lasted just a few months: “Well unfortunately we had to separate, that’s the only reason. I don’t think it will be fixed. Unfortunately we close the chapter“.

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