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Dalia Gutmann’s shocking story about her father, survivor of the AMIA attack


Dalia Gutmann He gave a shocking story about his father, Ramon Gutmannsurvivor of the attack on Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA).

What happened to Dalia Gutmann’s father

In dialogue with the cycle “Hold on Catalina” on La Once Diez/Radio de la Ciudad, the comedian recounted a memory of her father, who He was working at the Jewish mutual fund when the terrorist attack occurred (with Iran as a participant) in which 85 people diedand close to 300 who were injured. The largest terrorist attack in Argentine history occurred on July 18, 9:53 a.m.

Dalia Gutmann and Ramon Gutmann
Dalia Gutmann and Ramon Gutmann

“Over the years I began to understand what I experienced that day, as if at the time we thought ‘he lived, he lived, that’s it, nothing happened’, but We never elaborated on what happened and my father spent almost 5 hours in the rubble.”, he revealed in a note with Catalina Dlugi.

In this sense, he expressed that “a man named Ángel rescued him, and I am sad because he, who has already passed away, I feel that he did not fully elaborate what happened to him either.” Although, regarding the elaboration of what his father experienced, he revealed that “He left a writing about what he experienced and also left a cassette where he recounts those 5 hours under the rubble”. “There are magazine photos of my dad coming out of the rubble,” she revealed.

Along these lines, he said that after the tremendous horror he went through, his father was fired from Mutual: “The following year they fired him after 20 years of work, after taking on a new manager, and I remember that made me very angry, “We had a very bad time as a family.”

In closing, he reflected that “at the time my family lived through it and overcame it as best they could,” he concluded.

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