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Damián Moya was eliminated from Big Brother after facing the positive vote


Damian Moya He was the eighteenth eliminated from the house of Big Brother 2023 (Telefe) with 8.9% of the public votes, and it should be noted that in this gala the vote was positive, where people voted for who they wanted to stay in the most famous reality show in the world. The player was left in a one-on-one with Paloma Mendez and Dario Corti that both were left with 42.7% and 48.4% of the votes.

Who left Big Brother?

Damián Moya left the Big Brother house with 8.9% of the votes

Damián Moya eliminated
Damián Moya eliminated

“Whoever leaves the most famous house in the world, who leaves the competition is… Damián”, he exclaimed Santiago del Moro who informed the participant that he was expected in the study.

Damian Moya lost the hand to hand with Paloma Mendez (42.7% of the votes), with Dario Corti (48.4% of the votes), with Emmanuel Vich (45.4% of the votes), with Juliana Furia Scaglione (34.2% of the votes), with Coti Romero (29.4% of the votes) and with Mauro D´Alessio (23.7% of the votes). It must be clarified that the percentages are as they saved each one of them. Furia was the first to leave accompanied by Coti.

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