Danger in Big Brother: they threw stones at the participants inside the house

Danger in Big Brother: they threw stones at the participants inside the house

This Sunday in Big Brotherthe participants experienced a moment of danger when they were stoned inside the house.

In X, the user @baunissegh12 broadcast a video where he can be heard Emmanuel Vich worried about the situation. “They are throwing stones, they fell here“he warned.

Stones? Big?“Darío Martínez, who was in the kitchen while the situation was happening outside, wanted to know.”There fell one“said another participant before the transmission was cut off.

The cut went viral on the Internet and several Internet users blamed the fandom of Fury for what happened, since recently the controversial player had ordered her people to “attack.”

What happened to the Big Brother Fury fandom?

Lucia Maidana He denounced that his followers lived a violent episode with fans Juliana Rage Scaglione -called Furious– after the player was eliminated from Big Brother.

In the middle of climate of tension that was experienced at the elimination gala that had to Rage as the last ejected from the house after receiving 62.4% of the public vote, Lucia Maidana reported online that members of the fandom of Rage, physically attacked their followers. The woman from Salta recounted what happened and called for reflection to avoid more savage acts by the “Furious“.

Danger in Big Brother: they threw stones at the participants inside the house

“The game ended. Furious, they are harming Juli. There are girls in my fandom with broken ribs. Does it seem okay to you to act with so much violence?“wrote the former reality show participant in a story on her Instagram account along with a photo of her and Rage together in the house Big Brother.

At the same time, he left a strong message for the followers of Juliana Scaglione: “Support her, she needs it. Use her energy on that! Everything has a limit. I didn’t campaign for anyone for these things, but not with my people…”.

Hours after Lucía’s statement, one of the affected girls told what happened: “I am the one with the ribs, and I want to clarify something, they are not broken, it is just a crack, but anyway, they acted with a lot of violence, wanting to hit people who did nothing or provoked anyone”.

Lucía’s fan continued: “Yesterday I jumped in to try to separate, and defend those who were hitting them, nothing more, I never started to hit or provoke outside, and that’s why I ended up hitting on her, what happened last night is unfortunate, The level of violence was immense, everything was unnecessary. Going to attack or go and hit a person in droves just because he is a fan or a supporter of another player, how sick do you have to be? Psychiatric, violent,” the young woman concluded.

Juliana Furia Scaglione was eliminated from Big Brother (Telefe) by public decision this Tuesday, June 18, in a one-on-one match with Martín Kuand “The Furious” They threw stones around the studio Telefe. Besides, Catalina Gorostidia former reality show participant, accused of being attacked by the player’s fans and had a serious accident.

After a double gala where on Monday they were saved Bautista Mascia and Emmanuel Vich, the next day the departure of the most controversial player in the house was decided, which generated a scandal on the part of her fans; something never seen in the history of reality.

According to videos that emerged on social networks, “The Furious” They shouted and threatened the former participants. In addition, they stole and broke cell phones belonging to the public. As a result of this, the channel authorities anticipated and called a police guard to protect the area and the disturbances that could arise, although they were unable to control the scandal.

Subsequently, Zoe Bogachex-sister, uploaded a story to her account instagram where he expressed that they were trying “escape from The Furious”, revealing the violent attack they suffered. A few minutes later, she deleted the video that had already gone viral on the networks.

Along the same lines, in a video you can hear how a fan threatens to break Catalina’s truck. “When Cata comes out, break that whole car,” they shouted.

Later, Catalina Gorostidi She claimed to have been attacked at the exit of the canal and expressed: “Assault at the Telefe exit. I crashed my truck.” And I add: “Neither forgetting nor forgiveness.”

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