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Darío from Big Brother warned his son Francisco to stay away from Fury


Francisco, the son of Darío Martínez Cortiincome to Big Brother (Telefe) to keep his father company. But, when only a few seconds had passed after his entrance, Furia Scaglione approached him and gave him a big hug..

However, that was not their last approach since, in the morning, the young man sat next to Juliana. The little brother didn’t like this, so he decided to warn him about the participant.

In this way, the participant asked his son to accompany him outside and compared his situation with the relationship between D’Alessio and the athlete: “The same thing he did with Mauro, you don’t know if he targeted you and the day after tomorrow he could be yelling at you… “I want to tell you, if she is there you have to walk to the other side, because now she grabbed you and sat you next to her.”

“She plays like that, you don’t know if she’s cool or if she’s using you. It is to avoid a bad moment, do not give him space for free by approaching you. The motherfucker is playing 24/7“Dario recommended to Francisco that he stay away from Furia.

What family member is the leader of the week in Big Brother

A new leader test was carried out in Big Brother (Telefe) but, on this occasion, it was not the participants who competed but they did so their newly admitted relatives.

During this week, the focus will be on the people who came to accompany the little brothers since The entire house will vote against them so that they remain on the nominee board. The moment one is eliminated, the player will automatically be eliminated as well.

Thus, on Tuesday morning, May 14, they were called into the “arena” to see who would get the usual benefits of leadership: immunity, manipulating the plate and a gift.

When they finished, all the family members returned to the house after agreeing to play a prank on them. In it, they were made to believe that Mateo (friend of Nicolás Grosman), Delfina (daughter of Virginia Demo) and Facundo (friend of Martín Ku) had obtained a triple tie.

However, after receiving the respective congratulations, they admitted that it was the tiktoker who obtained the title of leader. So continued the great legacy of El Chinowho is the participant who won the tests the most times.


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