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Darío shot Virginia Demo after messing with her son in Big Brother: “I will never forgive her in my life”


Dari Martínez Corti shot at Virginia Demo after his departure from Big Brother (Telefe)and talked it over with the boys at the kitchen table while they discussed other issues.

Likewise, he went to the confessional, and said that he had no problem with his daughter or with her. But messing with her son was something that he will not forgive in his life.

“I feel sorry for him that he took that path regarding something that I don’t understand why he did it,” the mechanic began after what happened between Juliana Furia Scaglione and his son Pancho.

“No matter how much she apologizes, I will never forgive her in my life,” He continued his story and emphasized that Virginia He spoke too much, and stained his son.

What did Darío Martínez Corti say about Virginia Demo?

In the confessional he admitted: “I put up with everything that is a game, but he messed with my baby and that’s when everything changed. More the way he did it. That was the only serious issue that I cannot let go.”

Finally, and after the sayings of Darío Corti, Virginia Demo admitted: “It seems stupid…” “I apologize because I never wanted to hurt anyone. It was not gossip. I felt that they were talking and movements in the bed, I heard a particular noise,”

Who was the last one eliminated from Big Brother?

Virginia Demo was removed from the house Big Brotherhence Juliana “Furia” Scaglione She is the only woman who continues in the competition along with Bautista Mascia, Martín Ku, Emmanuel Vich, Darío Martínez Corti and Nicolás Grosman.

“Whoever leaves and abandons the most famous house is Virginia!”advertisement Santiago del Moro in the last communication with the house at the 24th Big Brother elimination gala.

Despite not having reached the final of GH, Virginia does not leave the house empty-handed. Throughout the 144 days she was inside, she stood up He won a trip to Punta Cana for two people and his daughter, Delfina, who entered for a week, won a house by public decision.either.

“There were more than 7 million votes”reported the host of the reality show after Virginia left the house, and then proceeded to reveal the license plate percentage of the final versus: Virginia left with 58.3% of the votes, while Juliana received 41.7%.

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